Company Newsfeed


The News tab of a company contains all articles specifically related to the company you are viewing that have been picked up by our news filters.

This page functions similarly to the Watchlist News page, with some specific features for managing news for an individual company.




News History

The chart at the top of the newsfeed indicates the company's news history, noting how many articles were published on certain days. A spike in news could suggest a notable business event has occurred, which may be of interest.

Beneath the news history there are three tabs, which allow you to sort or filter your newsfeed based on specified criteria. Clicking on each of these tabs will expand on them below, allowing you to choose how the newsfeed is sorted (based on relevance, date published, or matching triggers), add keyword filters or view the most common topics in the Topic Cloud.

Company Keywords

From this page you can also add Company Keywords of your own choosing to further filter your news to align with your own interests. Click on the "Your Company Keywords" tab to expand it, then click the "Add" button (or "Add Company Keywords" if none have been added) to enter a new keyword.

Company Keywords will filter the articles already in your newsfeed to find only those which match them. As an example, if you were following a large company which returns a lot of news every day but you are only interested in news relating to a single branch/store, entering the desired location as a keyword would allow you to only be alerted to articles which match this.



Relevance, Triggers and Similar Articles

Relevance is shown next to the date above an article in the form of a signal bar. The more complete the signal bar, the more relevant we have deemed this article to be to the company.

In addition to relevance, Artesian highlights important news and colour codes it by trigger type. Triggers allow you to spot opportunities or risks in your accounts and take prompt action. 

We will also identify if there are several stories which are similar. To view these, simply click on 'Read more stories about this..." and they will be revealed.





When hovering your mouse over an article, you will notice that six buttons appear. These buttons allow you to share or take action on an article. You can:

  • Copy the link to your clipboard to paste into an email, document, web browser or instant messaging application
  • Bookmark it within Artesian for quick access at a later date
  • Share it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or with a colleague who also uses Artesian
  • Add it your email client's calendar
  • Email it to a colleague or customer using a pre-built email template
  • See why you have been shown this article by selecting the ‘Why This’ option

Click here to see more on the actions you can take on an article.



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