Action your Insight


By hovering your mouse over an article you will notice there are a number of things you can do with it. You can:

  • Copy the Link
  • Bookmark it
  • Share it on Twitter and/or LinkedIn
  • Add it your calendar
  • Email it to a colleague or customer
  • See why you have been shown this article by selecting the ‘Why This’ option


Copy Link

It’s pretty straight forward but if you want to use your story links anywhere else we’ve added a ‘Copy Link’ gesture to give you that freedom. Press the button, copy the link. Paste it into the email/social network of choice. Send it. Done.


Some of the content we get from our news supplier is protected by a paywall or subscription gateway. Our users want to know when this is the case, so that they don’t share content that the recipient might not be able to read. That’s what the padlock means.


Bookmarking an article saves it to your profile and keeps it in the Your Bookmarks page. This page allows to see all the articles you have saved to your profile and give you the ability to perform further actions on them when you are ready. From here you can:

  • Share it on Twitter and/or LinkedIn
  • Add it to your Calendar
  • Email it to a colleague or customer
  • Delete it


You can share an article of interest with your Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections. This may help you to build social relationships with customers, peers and colleagues as you can congratulate people personally

Add to calendar

Adding a news story to your calendar will allow you to diarise the article should you want to discuss it with colleagues/customers during a meeting or call. To do this click the ‘Calendar’ option

This will add the article title and link to your diary, you can then choose to invite attendees to a meeting to discuss the content or you can set the article as a reminder to yourself for a specified date and time


To forward an article in an email you can use one of our existing templates or you can select the ‘Default’ template which will give you the article title and link but allow you to type in your own text.


Once you have selected your desired template enter the recipients email address and send the email as you would do normally, editing any text that you want to change

Why This?

Use this information to understand what companies and topics are tagged within each article.

This can be helpful if you are looking for companies that are mentioned in the same articles or if you are wanting to adjust your topic filters within the Watchlist.


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