Engagement Signals


Engagement Signals provide a fully configurable way of identifying critical changes within a target company. These signals notify you of Next-Best-Actions to take for a particular account, helping to mitigate risk, facilitate deeper client engagement and maximise growth opportunities.

By default your Engagement Signals will include the same items highlighted within your existing Data Changes (and as such will be updated on a monthly basis), however this can be customised to include more bespoke events utilising Artesian's rules engine. If you would like to learn more about this, please speak with your Artesian Customer Success Manager.

This article's focus is on the customised functionality of bespoke Engagement Signals. For more information on the standard Engagement Signals please see our Company Briefings article.


Company Briefing


When viewing a company you will be directed to the new Company Briefing page. This briefing serves as an overview of the company, displaying key metrics about their size and status, 3 of the latest Engagement Signals showing recent highlighted events, and news/social media feeds.

If you are viewing a company for the first time we may not yet have a record of historical signals for them. This will be indicated by a "No Signals" message on the Engagement Signals section. If this message appears you can click on the "Look for new Signals" button to prompt a refresh of our service to scan for potential signals for the company - this should only take a few moments.



All Signals

By clicking on the "All signals" button within the Engagement Signals section you can view more signals we have found for the company. These will be broken down by date the signal was raised.



Watchlist Briefings

You can view the Engagement Signals for each of the companies in a watchlist from the watchlist's Briefings tab. This tab will list each company in order of their latest update. You can click on each company in this list to get a quick view of their new signals, or click Open Briefing to view the above Briefing and Engagement Signals pages for further detail.



Engagement Signal Alerts

As part of this Engagement Signals feature you will also receive an email alert from us when new signals have been detected for the companies in your watchlist. These alerts will be delivered on a daily basis where there are any new signals to report. 

Engagement Signal alerts can be switched on or off from the Settings tab of your watchlist. Select the "Change watchlist and alert options" item on the menu, then uncheck the "Receive Engagement Signals" checkbox in the pop-up window.


Please note that deselecting this option will remove access to any bespoke Engagement Signals used by your organisation for this watchlist - you will instead see the standard signals based on your monthly Data Changes when viewing a company's Briefing.

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