Sharing Watchlists


Any watchlist you create can be shared with your colleagues who also have access to Artesian, if this setting has been enabled for your organisation. This will allow you to manage a watchlist for multiple users or your team.

Sharing watchlists with your colleagues will allow them varying levels of access to your watchlist, including the ability to add/remove companies, receive their own copies of email alerts and/or modifying topic and country filters.

Please note that any changes made to a shared watchlist will affect all users with access to it, including the owner. Please exercise caution when modifying shared lists, especially those shared with you.

How to share your watchlist

To share a watchlist, select on the watchlist you wish to share and navigate to their "Settings" tab. From this page, click on the "Share or change sharing settings' option on the menu.



In the pop-up box that appears, enter the name or email address of the colleague you wish to share your watchlist with, and select them from the dropdown list when they appear.

Please note that your colleague must also have an Artesian licence within your organisation's Artesian instance to share watchlists with them.

Once you have selected somebody to share your watchlist with you will be able to review the permissions granted to them for how they are able to use your watchlist. These options are set on a per-watchlist and per-individual basis, so shared users may be given different permissions for different watchlists:

  • "Can Add Items" and "Can Delete Items" will allow them to add/remove companies from this watchlist. These changes will affect everyone with access to the watchlist.
  • "Subscribed to Alerts" will allow the shared user to receive their own copy of any email alerts sent for this watchlist.
  • Similarly, "Subscribed to Company Data Change Alerts" will enable the shared user to receive a monthly update of any financial data updates for the companies within your watchlist. For further information, please see this article.


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