Copy From Colleagues' Lists


The Copy from Managed Lists feature allows you to access all of a colleague's companies once you are connected to them.

This can be useful in a variety of different scenarios based on your role:

  • Managers/Team Leaders
    • Managers can see what companies their team are following. Add the companies from your team to your own watchlists to keep track of, for example the team's top 10 accounts.
    • Managers can provide guidance and support with identifying sales triggers and other reasons to engage with a customer/prospect.
    • Managers may choose to have different filters on their watchlists to capture high level insights.

  • Colleagues who collaborate on the same accounts
    • Colleagues that are working together on the same accounts can use this feature to collaborate. Whilst they may all work on the same accounts, they may have different filters on their watchlists that are specific to the area of the account they work on.

  • Support Staff within Teams
    • Support staff can set up and follow companies in their profile which can then be shared across a team. 



To add your colleagues to this page, click on the Request access to more lists button. In the pop-up box that opens, type in the names of any colleagues (who also have Artesian licences) whose companies you would like to access. You can also request that colleagues be removed using the same function.

Be sure to get permission from your colleague first if you wish to see their list of companies.


 Once your colleagues have been added to this page, you can follow their companies by clicking on the Follow button next to them and selecting the watchlist you would like to add it to. To add companies in bulk you can also use the Follow All button at the top of the list.

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