Exporting Company Data from Watchlists


It is easy to export the data for all your companies within a particular Watchlist:


  • Click on the relevant Watchlist and go to the Settings tab.
  • Select the "Export Company Data" option from the menu.



  • A pop-up box will appear. Click the Download button to download your data. UK users will have the choice to download the document with or without People data.



Your data will be exported into an Excel document in CSV format, downloaded to your computer. You may be prompted to accept the download. If you are unable to see it, remember to check your 'Downloads' folder.

The Excel document will contain all the corporate, financial and contact information for the companies within your Watchlist. If you have downloaded the information including People data, there will be one line per person. Otherwise, there will be one line per company. This can be useful to see all the data for your companies in one place, and to perhaps apply additional Excel filters to identify necessary information.

The information provided in these exports is identical to that provided in the exports from Prospector.

For further details on these documents, please see this article. 


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