What are Triggers?


While browsing the news in your newsfeeds, you may encounter articles highlighted in a certain colour, with a key word or phrase displayed in the top left corner of the article. These are used to denote Triggers, and are colour coded based on the type of business event.

If enabled, Triggers will highlight articles of particular business relevance to you or your organisation, allowing you to quickly identify these important articles within your newsfeeds. Triggers also appear in your Alerts, as well as when viewing your newsfeed within the Ready app.



Triggers are also available as an option for sorting the news in your newsfeeds. Sorting by Triggers will display all articles with a trigger (by type) before articles without. The triggers themselves are sorted by the "weight" assigned to each trigger - in the case of the standard topics, Growth articles are weighted higher than Risk articles.


Our standard Triggers are Growth, Relationships, Tech, Risk, Management Changes and M&A. It is also possible to have customised triggers, to enable your organisation to bring attention to specific topics – for more details on this (including pricing), speak to your Artesian Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.


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