Refining your Results - the differences between Company Keywords, Watchlist Topic Filters and Triggers


There are three key ways by which you can refine your results from the Artesian service, and each of them operate slightly differently.


Company Keywords

These help you to refine the results for an individual company in your watchlist, and are often utilised to isolate a particular product, division, or location.



News on Microsoft with the keywords ‘Azure’ and ‘Office 365’  applied

For guidance on applying Keywords take a look at this article.


Topic Filters 

Topic filters are a more powerful way of filtering the news you receive – unlike keywords these apply to an entire watchlist. Every topic filter has been developed by Artesian’s Taxonomy experts and each one is powered by numerous terms and phrases to ensure results are returned on the complete breadth of the topic.

They also look for how closely a company is mentioned in line with the selected topics, then score the article to ensure that the stories relevant to you appear at the top of your feed. 




We have thousands of topics available and, using Artesian credits, we can also build personalised topics for your Artesian instance. For more information on custom filters please contact your Artesian Account Manager or Success Manager.



Triggers help to highlight stories about certain topics through colour coding. These will appear in your email alerts as well as within your newsfeed and in the Ready App.




You’ll receive our default Triggers as part of your Artesian purchase, but it is also possible to have customised triggers – again, just speak to your Artesian Account Manager or Success Manager for details.



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