Disabling/enabling email alerts


If you are going on an extended period of leave and do not wish to be inundated by Artesian email alerts in your absence, or otherwise wish to stop receiving your email alerts, you can switch them off in one of two ways:


1: Disable all alerts

You can switch off all Artesian emails (including daily email alerts, email gazettes (if applicable) weekly Market News alerts and monthly Data Change updates for your followed companies) by going to your Profile page. This can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the page.


From here, you can view several user settings, including your email alert preferences. By default this is set to send emails to your main address, however you can also add a secondary email address for your alerts to be sent to. For the purpose of this guide, you'll want to change the "Send Email Alerts" option to "No, Thanks" - to do this, click on the Edit button then select your desired alerts option from the dropdown menu.



2: Individual Watchlists

If you only wish to turn off alerts for a specific watchlist, navigate to that list's Settings page and click on "Change watchlist and alert settings". In the pop-up box which appears, untick the "Send alerts for this watchlist" box (and the "Send company data change alerts for this Watchlist" box if applicable), then save your changes by clicking the "Save Options" button.


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