Email Alerts


Daily email alerts are delivered to your inbox and feature the top articles about each of the Companies within each of your Watchlists.

Your email alerts are a summary of the news from the previous work day. One email alert per Watchlist is delivered if at least one Company has had an article published. 

If any Company is missing from the email alert they weren't in the news the previous work day. If you dont get an email alert none of the Companies were in the news the previous work day.

The content of your alerts can be customised by applying topic filters. If you would like more information on how to do this please click here.




The components of your email alerts are:

Company Name - Clicking here will take you to your Artesian profile to sign in and then to the Company page

Share - Click here to open the Action Centre where you can:

    • Foward using Artesian's email templates
    • Share on Twitter or LinkedIn
    • Bookmark the article
    • Add to your Calendar
    • Sign into your profile

 For more details on the Action Centre click here

Article Title - Clicking here will take you to the source of the article to read it.

Improve your results - Tell up about any articles that aren't relevant or about your Company.

Login to Artesian - Clicking here will take you to the login page of your Artesian profile.



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