The Influence page shows you if the news articles, blogs and tweets you are sharing via Artesian are hitting the mark.

Whenever you share a link to an article through Artesian, a shortened "" address will be generated - this allows us to track how many times the articles you share have been clicked on. This will help you to identify which content is relevant and engaging to your audience - an invaluable insight for anyone trying to start a conversation with a prospect!

You can see them view your shared articles in separate sections (Email shares, Tweets or LinkedIn posts) or all of them together. 


By hovering your mouse over one of these articles you can access five social gestures, which will allow you to:

  • Copy the link to your clipboard to paste into an email, document, web browser or instant messaging application
  • Bookmark it within Artesian for quick access at a later date
  • Share it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or with a colleague who also uses Artesian
  • Add it your email client's calendar
  • Email it to a colleague or customer using a pre-built email template
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