What can I do with my watchlists?


Watchlists are a great way to organise the companies you’re following. You can modify watchlists dependent on your use, for example: your customers, targets, regulatory bodies or competitors or suppliers to your customers.

You can have as many watchlists as you like, with up to 250 companies per watchlist. This is to help you make sure they’ll still manageable!

The Settings tab of a watchlist allows you to modify a watchlist to be personal to you. There are options to add companies, move or share companies within your watchlist and delete them if you no longer wish to follow certain companies.

Tip: To make sure you get an exact match when adding companies, use the Companies House registration number.



The traffic light system easily shows you how much news is being generated by each company. If there’s a green dot next to a company, it means there’s lots of news, amber for some and red for no news. If you’re getting more news than you can handle, use "Edit topic filters" to drill down to specific areas is a way of filtering the news you’re receiving so you can target news on financials, roles or awards to name just a few. If the articles you’re getting are irrelevant or you think news is missing then simply go into the company and click the ‘Improve your results’ button to let us know.


Also within the Settings tab:

  • You can select to receive between one and five news stories per company in your daily email alerts by going to "Change Watchlist and Alert Settings". You may wish to increase this to 5 if you’re not following many companies, or decrease it to 1 or 2 if you’re interested in a wider variety of companies.
    • You can also change the name of your watchlist, alter the default date range of your newsfeed, set a watchlist as your default (opening this watchlist first when logging in), enable/disable company data change alerts, and disable the watchlist (hiding it and switching off alerts for it until it is reenabled from your Profile page) from here.
  • Share your watchlist with a colleague from the "Share or change sharing settings" section. They can just receive alerts, or can have access to help you maintain it.
  • "Edit country filters" enables you to add news sourced from other countries.
  • You can view the most recent email alert emailed to you via "View your latest alert".
  • You can export company data for the companies within your watchlists by clicking "Export Company Data".
  • If you are following no companies in a watchlist, "Delete this watchlist" will remove it from your profile entirely.
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