How should I organise my watchlists?


When you start with Artesian you will have three default watch lists: Customers, Prospects and Competitors.

You may wish to organise your portfolio of accounts in ways that make better sense to you, such as the following:

Buying Stage

You might want to organise your followed by where they are in their buying journey. This might mean a list of 'Hot Prospects', 'Accounts to Nurture' or 'Win Backs'.


You may have a number of sectors or geographies within your patch so it might make sense to have watchlists such as 'Manufacturing', 'Retailers', 'Central' or 'North West'.

Large Accounts

For larger companies which are frequently in the news, you could consider placing them in a separate, highly filtered (through use of Topic Filters) watchlist to only alert you to specific business events.

Get Creative

As a professional seller you will have a natural way to organise your accounts so that you can control the insights you receive and give them the focus they need. Experiment with watch lists and organise your customers and prospects in a way that gives you the best possible results.

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