Using SIC Codes to target industry sectors


SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes can be used to find companies within a certain industry. Within the Prospector section of Artesian, industry specific SIC codes are part of the search parameters, along with Geography, Financial Data, Business Size & Details and Credit & Risk. Once you have identified the companies, you will have the option to add them to your watchlists.

If you aren’t sure of the SIC code you require for the particular sector you want to target, visit the ‘Company Info’ tab on Artesian, for a company you know is in the industry. In the ‘General Information’ section, there will be a SIC for the industry that the company is in, which will allow you to find similar companies in ‘Prospector’.

A full list of SIC codes can be found here, on the website.

Heard about our recent announcement on SIC Codes? We've just released a new feature to tackle to flawed SIC code system

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