Estimated figures - Turnover/Employee Count


Smaller companies are only required to submit abbreviated financial accounts when providing annual accounts to Companies House. These abbreviated accounts can sometimes lack certain key metrics used to determine the size of a company, such as turnover and employee count. When this happens, we instead display Estimated values for these figures.


A company is considered 'small' if it meets two of the conditions below:

  • Turnover is less than £10.2 million
  • There is £5.1 million or less on their balance sheet
  • The average number of employees is less than 50


Further information on the requirements for small businesses can be found at the website below:

Prepare annual accounts for a private limited company


Estimated figures in Artesian



When a company's key metrics are not available and have been estimated by our data provider Experian, this is displayed in Artesian via either an "Estimated" heading as shown above, or by a * next to the figure in question.

This estimation is based on averages of companies of a similar size, in a similar industry/sector and a similar geography. Estimations, by their very nature, are not accurate and will vary month by month because of changes in actual turnover and employee count values for other companies.

As an example, we would expect all companies using the "70.1 - Activities of Head Offices" SIC code in the "EC1A 4 _ _ "Postal District and with no recorded employees to have the same Estimated Turnover (£35k, at the time of writing).



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