Screening - Summary


The Summary page of your screened business will give you an overview of the company at a quick glance.


 This page will display several tiles containing key information on the business.




The Summary tile includes information regarding the number of flags raised when screening the company, as well as the status of the screening (whether it has been finished, abandoned etc.), who requested it and when. Clicking on this tile will take you to the Flags section, where you can see further detail on the flags which have been raised.

The Commercial Delphi Band tile displays a graphic indicating the company's Commercial Delphi Score. You can click on this tile to view further credit information for the business on the Credit & Risk section.

The Contact Details tile will provide a website, telephone number and registered/trading address for the business (where such information is available).

The Turnover and Pre-Tax Profit/Loss tiles display graphs of the screened company's financial trends for the previous 4 years. Hovering the mouse over the individual bars in these graphs will indicate the figure attached to them, while clicking anywhere within these tiles will take you to our Financials section for the business (which includes full Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Items and Key Ratios for the past 4 years).

The Essentials tile covers additional key information for the company - their employee count, registration number, date of incorporation and date of latest annual accounts/annual return.

The Key Data tile includes a few more key financials - credit limit, credit rating, failure odds, turnover, pre-tax profits and pre-tax profit margin. For further information on these metrics, see our Understanding Key Data article.

The Industries tile will display the Principal Activity (a unique description of a business' trading activity) and any industries the company has used to categorise themselves - these industries correlate with the titles of the 2007 SIC codes they have used when filing accounts with Companies House.

Finally, the Previous Names tile displays any previous registered names the company has used in the past, as well as when they changed their name.

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