Using ‘Email’ Sharing Actions (Social Gestures) on a mobile device


When accessing Artesian via a mobile device clicking on the ‘Email’ sharing action will attempt to create an email using the default email application on your device.

This may be activated in the following ways:

  • Using the ‘Take Action’ button from within your Artesian daily email alert


  • Clicking on the ‘Email’ option which appears when hovering over an interesting article


If your device has not yet been set up with your work email then it will launch from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or whichever application has been configured for your personal email account.

In some instances, clicking on an Artesian ‘Email’ social gesture may do nothing at all. This could be because:

  • Your IT department has installed software such as Good Technology to control access to external sites on mobile devices. For more information see the following Knowledge Base article: Artesian and Good Technology


  • You have no default email application setup on your device. Setting up or changing your email application is slightly different on each device. If you go to the ‘settings’ area on your device and look for ‘email’/’mail’, you should be provided with the option to change your default email application.


If none of this helps, please contact our support desk for more guidance.

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