Artesian + DueDil merger – what it means for customers



Artesian has always been proud to be one of the UK’s leading company intelligence providers.  We spent our early days creating a business intelligence tool powered by externally derived data aimed at front line teams. From then our journey has led to our working with some of the largest banks, insurers and corporations to build a SaaS business using the combination of leading data science and the world’s best business information to transform frontline performance. After more than a decade of competing in this exciting space with RegTech providers DueDil, we are excited to announce our merger.


About DueDil

As a technology company, DueDil always tries to make dealing with data as easy as possible. When they were founded, finding information about businesses was hard, time-consuming and expensive. Now, their Business Information Graph (B.I.G) maps and identifies the connections between every UK and Irish company and the people behind them, providing a complete view of the market, making the SME onboarding process as robust as it is frictionless. DueDil’s premium API also provides the capability to access that data and plug it into existing systems quickly and seamlessly to power automated KYC/KYB and onboarding journeys.


Merger benefits

We’re bigger and more competitive than ever.

Expect access to more data sources, better integrations and a more user-friendly experience. You’ll get better business intelligence faster.


Our customers will now be able to take advantage of the power of A.I. and real-time data (DueDil's B.I.G.) in combination with an acclaimed customisable decision engine (Artesian's Connect) to allow them to do better business, faster.


In short, we’re becoming a more efficient, more innovative company but with the same commitment to your success.


What does it mean for you?

Over the last decade, Artesian has built a brand that is renowned for business data. A brand synonymous with trust. Well, now we are merging with DueDil who have an equally reputable history in utilising company data to improve the experience for your customers. We are confident that you’ll continue to enjoy all of your existing Artesian services as usual


We are currently working on plans to integrate our products to ultimately deliver a broader and richer set of capabilities which benefit all of our customers.


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What will this mean for customers? Will there be changes to customer contracts?

With immediate effect we are able to offer additional capabilities to our customers, whether that's access to DueDil's advanced APIs or Business Information Graph (B.I.G) technology for Artesian customers, or access to low/no-code rules engine and sales intelligence tools to DueDil customers. Existing customers can talk to us to understand how this change impacts them and where they can expect additional value.


Will you continue investing in both products? What is the roadmap?

We are currently working on plans to integrate our products to ultimately deliver a broader and richer set of capabilities which benefit all of our customers. Both product sets have complementary capabilities that will allow UK & Irish financial services, insurance and FinTech companies to find the right customers, onboard them faster and keep them for life.


What does it mean for non-FS customers?

The merger of Artesian and DueDil creates a unique RegTech business, capable of solving some of the most complex challenges throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Many of these challenges are also faced by our non-FSI customers who will likely see enhancements in their functionality as we consolidate our products into a new suite of solutions.


Are there changes to Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policies?

Terms and Conditions and other policies are currently under review and will be consolidated in the future. Ample notice will be given to all customers well ahead of time.


Will my account manager/CSM change?

We are currently reviewing how we support the combined customer base with what is now a broader team. This may result in some accounts being reassigned in order to match each person with the most appropriate accounts. DueDil customers now also have access to a broader support and enablement team in addition to their commercial contacts.

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