Filtering by Geography


Apply the geographical filter that most suits your prospect patch. For example if you manage the south east of the country then the Region filter would probably best suit your needs, however, if you have a postcode patch then the Postcode filter would be of most benefit to you.

The Geography category of Prospector has four main filters:

Region - Select your region from the eleven options.

County - The County filter lists out every County in the UK and Republic of Ireland. You can select as many or as few Counties as you need

Town / City - Search for the towns or cities that you want to include in your Prospect list. Start typing the town or city's name and select from the matching options.

On these three categories, you also have the option to include records where Region, County or Town / City are not available.

Postcode - The postcode filter allows you to search on a whole postcode area or drill down to district or sector eg:

  • SW (all postcodes starting with SW) or
  • SW05 (all postcodes in SW05 only) or
  • SW05 4 (search of SW05 4?? only)

The Postcode filter will present you with a choice of letters to start your postcode search.

Selecting a letter will give you all the postcodes that start with that letter.

Hover over a Postal Area to reveal your Districts options. You Hover over your chosen District and click ‘Sector’ to get a precise postcode sector.

Choose as many as you need, or select all, then remove the few you may not need.

Save your postcode patch (perhaps name it 'Postcode Master') to easily use it for future prospecting searches.


Please note that if you would like the most specific area such as Postal Sector (e.g just RG41 1), make sure it is only that option selected. You do not need to also select other areas such as Postal Area, or another geographical filter, as this will include results for both options selected.


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