Artesian Startup Wizard


The startup wizard will give you the basics to start using Artesian. Click ‘Start Now’ to get started.


Step 1 - Adding Companies

You will be asked to add five companies which will form the basis of the Customers watchlist. Type the name of a company you are interested in following into the search bar. Once you have followed the first company, you have the option to move on to Step 2. Click 'Next' after you have finished adding companies.


Step 2 - Connecting Twitter

Connecting your Twitter account to Artesian is useful for seeing a company’s social media presence on a company page. You can also skip this step and are able to connect your Twitter account at a later date if you like.

Click 'Connect' to get started.


After this and you have entered in your Twitter details, click ‘Authorise app’ to connect your Twitter account to Artesian. You should then see a message to say that you have signed in successfully.

Artesian will never post, like or retweet without your permission, nor will it make any changes to your account. Connecting your Twitter account to Artesian will only allow you to view Twitter feeds within Artesian.

For further information, please see this article: Authorising Twitter



Step 3 - Uploading a Photo

The final step is to add a profile photo to the account if you so wish. Click ‘upload a photo’ if this is something you would like to do (within the file size/format reqirements). This is another option that can be skipped.



That’s it, you’re all finished! You can now use the Artesian service.

 If you'd like some further guidance on how to make the most of Artesian, please browse some of the other articles available to you on the Artesian Knowledge Centre. You can also access online training materials by accessing the Artesian Academy, via the Learn page.

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