What are disabled Watchlists and how do I access them?


Disabling a Watchlist allows you to turn off emails alerts and hide the companies from your profile. 

You may wish to disable a Watchlist if you would like to hide it for a short time but may wish to view it again in the future. You will not receive email alerts for any disabled Watchlists. 

In order to disable a Watchlist, click on the Watchlist name, go to the Settings tab and select 'Change Watchlist and Alert Settings'. You can then tick 'Disable this Watchlist' from the menu in the pop-up window. 



If you would like to view your disabled Watchlists again, you can do so by clicking on your name at the top of the page when logged in to Artesian, and going to the Your Profile page. From here, you can select 'View disabled Watchlists'. 




The disabled Watchlist(s) will now appear on the Following page of your profile, with a symbol to indicate that they are disabled. In order to reactivate the Watchlist, you can go to the Settings tab, select 'Change Watchlist and Alert Settings' and untick the box for 'Disable this Watchlist'. 






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