Filtering by Industry


Apply industry filters if you are prospecting in a particular sector or SIC code/s. There are four options to choose from:



Sector - There are twelve main industry categories to choose from. Note that these categories are the same as the Markets categories and are used if you launch Prospector from there.

SIC Code (1992) - Use the 1992 Industry SIC code classifications for your search. Either type in the code or type in a key word within a code to reveal potential options.

SIC Code (2007) - SIC Codes were re-classified in 2007, use the updated codes in your search or type in a key word to return potential results. You can now include Level 4 SIC codes. Just tick the 'Include Level 4 SIC codes' box.

If you don't know the code or keyword, look up a company within Artesian and visit the Company Info Tab, in the general information you will find the SIC Codes for that company which may give you a hint as to which one to use to return your desired results.

US - SIC 1987 - The SIC 1987 codes are similar to 1992 UK SIC codes. Type in a code or keyword to reveal potential options.

US - NAICS - The North American Classification System (NAICS) is a type of business classification commonly used in America. It is similar to the UK SIC code system. It has largely replaced the American SIC 1987 codes and are considered to be more in depth than these. Type in a code or keyword for potential results.

Business Type - Use these categorisations for Charities, Defence, Public Services etc.

You can also include records where each of these options are not available, on their respective pages.
Financial Data

Use key financial data to filter your prospecting patch.

Within each category you can choose from the preset increments or type in your exact criteria, eg your companies must have a turnover between 5M and 20M.


Business Size & Details

Choose filters that apply to specific searches, for instance if you are only interested in start-up companies you are best to use the 'Age of Business' filter, however, if you wanted to search for larger companies use the 'Number of Employees' filter. You have eight options to choose from:


Employee Records - Select different one or more Employee Job Categories.

Number of Employees - Use the pre-determined search or enter your own criteria.

Group Status - Choose from Independent, Intermediate Parent, Subsidiary and Ultimate Parent.

Legal Status - There are several variations of legal status to choose from, including Public Limited, Private Limited and Converted or Closed.

Age of Business - Type in your preferred age of business criteria.

Auditors Name - Type in the Auditor name you are interested in creating a prospecting list for. Use their correct names and not abbreviations for the search.

Bank Name - Type in the Bank name you are interested in and select from the list.

If you are interested in multiple Banks, don't apply any filters here, wait to export the list to Excel and use your sort and filters within Excel. This allows you to save lists based on who they Bank with.

Growth Indicator - An indicator to determine whether the business is in growth or decline. Values can be Decline, Growth, Static or Unknown.

Mortgage Indicator - A Yes/No flag indicating the presence of a mortgage registered against the company, e.g. 'Y' - Mortgage registered against limited company 'N' - No mortgage registered or non-limited business.

Credit & Risk

The credit and risk section will allow you to search for companies based on Experian's Commercial Delphi score. For further information on this score, please see the following article: Understanding the Delphi score.


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