How do I get access to Artesian?


Thanks for expressing your interest in Artesian!

The best way for you to gain access to Artesian is by speaking with your organisation's Artesian Sponsor - these individuals will manage licence allocation for your business alongside our Customer Success Managers and will be able to advise further on licence availability for you.

If you're not sure who your Artesian Sponsor is, try asking your manager, or any of your colleagues who already have Artesian access. Failing that, you can reach out to us at, where our Support team will be able to advise further or put you in touch with your Customer Success Manager.


My company doesn't have Artesian / I'd like personal access


If you/your organisation are new to Artesian, you may wish to see Artesian in action first before buying - you can do this by going to From here you can view an online video demo of the service, speak with our AI Digital Assistant Arti to find out more about us, or schedule a one-to-one guided tour of the service from one of our solutions consultants.

If you're interested in gaining a personal licence, or a single licence for your business, speak with one of our consultants or Arti to find out more about what we can offer.

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