Accessing your calendar on Ready when using the Outlook app - iOS


The Outlook app on Android and iOS devices accesses your inbox and calendar by connecting to Microsoft's Office 365 servers - this information is not stored on the phone and thus cannot be accessed by Ready to allow you to view your calendar/meetings within the app.

In order to allow Ready to access your work calendar, you will need to add your work account to your mobile device.

On iOS, this can be done by following these instructions: 

  1. Go to the Settings app, then select the Mail option, then Accounts.


  2. Tap "Add Account", using the Exchange option on the following screen, then follow the instructions to add and log into this email address.

    If your work email is listed here, skip to step 3.


  3. Once the work account has been set up on your phone, tap on it within the Accounts menu to access its permissions. Ensure that the "Calendars" sync option is enabled.

    If you're already using Outlook for your emails, the 'Mail', 'Contacts', 'Reminders' and 'Notes' options can be left switched off to avoid duplicate notifications.


  4. Once this has been done, open the Ready app and navigate to the Settings menu. Your work calendar should now appear within the list on the Manage Calendars page - switch this calendar on if it isn't already.


    You should now be able to see your meetings within the App.

For a full demonstration of the Ready App and its capabilities for B2B commercial professionals, please follow this link to watch a video and download the App guide. 

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