How can I transfer my watchlists to a colleague?



Please note that the below only applies to contracts with Collaboration features enabled. If you do not have collaboration access and need to transfer your watchlists to a colleague, please reach out to our support team at or your Artesian account manager for assistance.


Transferring companies from one Artesian user to another will require some collaborative effort. The best way to go about this is by sharing your watchlists with those who need access to your portfolio, as described below:


You can Share your watchlists with your colleague by navigating to your watchlist's Settings menu. Select the "Change or change sharing settings" option, then enter the name or email address of your colleague until they appear on the list.



Once done, your colleague should now be able to see your watchlist on their own profile. From here, they will need to copy or move the companies from this list into one of their own watchlists.



When your colleague has safely copied these companies into their own profile you are clear to cease sharing the watchlist and/or delete it from your profile. Please note that any shared watchlists will be removed from colleagues if your Artesian access is terminated.

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