Filtering by Mortgages & Charges


The Mortgages and Charges filter category will allow you to search against our database of UK companies by the charges held against them. These filters can be used in conjunction with other filter options available within Prospector to further refine your search.




A brief description of each of these filters can be found below.


Any Mortgage or Charge?

This binary yes/no option allows you to filter based on companies who have any sort of mortgage/charge placed against them, historical or outstanding.



The type of mortgage/charge filed - this includes both the title and charge code. Multiple types can be selected based on your requirements.  



The status of the charge (outstanding, partially or fully satisfied).


Lender or Beneficiary:

Who the charge is filed by/on behalf of - typically a bank or other lender. Please be advised that lenders may appear in this section under multiple different names (including variations in limited/ltd), based on the charge filed.



This field allows you to search for keywords/phrases present within the description of a mortgage/charge. This functions similarly to our Company Buzzwords filter.


In addition to these filters, you can also export Mortgages and Charges data alongside company information when viewing Step 3 of Prospector. This will allow you to view the detail of any charges held against the companies which match your filters in bulk.



Exporting Mortgage and Charges data is also an option when exporting company data for a watchlist - please see this article for further information.


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