How can I change my default email client?


When you click on one of the Email share functions within Artesian, the service will attempt to open these links within your default email client. If you are finding that the wrong application is being opened, please follow the below instructions to change your default email client to the one you prefer to use.

This guide is written for the Windows 10 operating system, however these instructions should also apply for Windows 8/8.1.


  • Pull up the Start menu (press the Windows key or click on the Windows icon on the bottom left corner of the screen)
  • Type in "Default" to generate some search results. A search bar should appear as soon as you start typing, so don't worry if you can't see where to type yet.
  • Select "Default app settings".




  • From the Default Apps menu, select "Email" to open a drop down menu of email applications installed on your computer. By default, this is probably set to "Mail", Windows' built in email client. If you are using Outlook 2016 or another third party program, select this from the list.
    • If you are using Gmail or another web-based browser you may instead need to select your email browser from this list, then follow the further instructions within Google Chrome below.



  • Once you have selected your desired email client, you can close the window. Your choice will be saved as soon as it is selected.
  • Clicking on any of the Email share functions within Artesian should now open in the correct email client.


Setting Gmail as your default email client

In order to use Gmail or other web-based email clients as your default, there are a couple of extra steps you'll need to perform:


  • When logged in to your Gmail account in Chrome, look for this little icon to the right side of the address/search bar - this is to inform you that Gmail is trying to install a service handler.

  •  Clicking on this icon will ask you whether is allowed to open email links (those beginning with "mailto:") as the default client. Select "Allow" here to grant Gmail access to do this.
  • This should now let you open Artesian's email sharing options in your Gmail account.


  • If the service handler icon doesn't appear in your address bar, this option can instead be found in Google Chrome's Settings menu:
    • Click on the three dots/dashes on the far right side of Chrome to open the menu, then go to Settings.
    • From here, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit Advanced, then in the Privacy section, go to Content Settings.
    • In this list should be an option for Handlers, with the same icon as displayed in the first image. The list of handlers in the following menu will probably be quite sparse - if is on this list as Blocked, remove it and then refresh your Gmail page.
    • The handlers icon should now appear in the address bar again. Please return to the previous step to allow Gmail to open email links.


Updating your default email client on a Mac

  • Open the Mail application.
  • Go to the Mail menu, select Preferences, and then click General.
  • If you are prompted to set up an email account, add your account, then choose Preferences from the Mail menu.
  • Choose your preferred email client from the “Default email reader” pop-up menu.


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