Screen a Company


Depending on your subscription, you can easily perform your due diligence on any of your clients or prospects using Artesian's screening service. Check the corporate structure in and out of the UK, see the directors, find out if they have any CCJ's and much more.

This feature is exclusive to the Artesian Connect product. For further information, see this link.


How to access screening

Simply navigate to any company already in your Artesian profile, or search for a new company using the search box in the top left hand corner. Once on the company page click on 'Screen':



It will take a few moments for Artesian's Risk Agent to process the rules applied to your Artesian instance. This will continue even if you navigate away from the page - you can access and view the status of any screened companies at a later date via the Screenings page from the top menu.

Once your screening has completed, you will see a summary of the company. There are several additional sections you can navigate to in order to view more detailed information. A description of each of these can be found below.





The Summary page will give you an overview of the company at a quick glance.



The Flags page will alert you to any events or information which may require your attention/further action.



The Ownership page displays shareholding information for the business as well as a corporate structure detailing parents and subsidiaries.



Easily find current and past directors/secretaries of the company by clicking on the People page.


Credit & Risk

The Credit & Risk page displays the credit information from the Summary page in further detail.



The Financials page provides detailed financial information for the past 4 years, including a full Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Items and Key Ratios.



If you want to see if the company has any Judgements or Legal Notices click on the 'Legal' tab.



Find news related to the company and tailor your search to a company director, or specific topics.



Check the business polices that your business has outlined in relation to your due diligence process. This helps to identify and flag potential business risks.






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