How is the Artesian Social Seller Score calculated?


The internal workings of the Artesian Engagement Score are proprietary, but this article covers the basics, and also illustrates why it is such a good proxy for overall behaviour.


To formulate the scoring algorithm, Artesian first asked business leaders which Artesian behaviours they felt were most valuable - which parts of the service they felt their people should be using the most in order to maximise their success (identifying & closing new business, account development, upsells and retention). They also informed us who their top performers were, and we analysed the usage profiles of these users.

 This resulted in a long list of Artesian behaviours. Each activity was given a score based on its relative value and frequency of use. Some activities are high volume, others aren’t used as often. All were taken into account in the scoring algorithm, and then:

  • Weighted. Some behaviour is more positive than others e.g. sending an email to a customer is more positive than receiving an alert.
  • Capped. Doing more of a behaviour is generally positive but overdoing it may not be. Caps are applied to individual events and to the Target, Connect and Share scores. This also stops users from ‘gaming’ their score!
  • Percent. The score is calculated as a percentage against a model of behaviours in a theoretical best practice behavioural model. 
  • Smoothed. The score is calculated as a rolling average over a period of time, so if you don’t use it then your score will degrade over time. You will notice this if you go on holiday!

Finally, the scores are broken out into three smaller categories depending on the activity performed -  Target, Connect and Share.  Each of these are scored out of 100, with the results then feeding into a user's total Artesian Score.


The Artesian Score has stood the test of time. Time and again, sales leaders have found a correlation between the people at the top end of the leaderboard and success within their customer base (particularly those with a score higher than 40).


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