COVID-19: How Artesian can help keep track of business news



A COVID Topic Filter has been created to help you keep track of how the Virus is affecting businesses in your watchlists.

This filter will search for references to "COVID-19", "coronavirus" etc. within an article in conjunction with your selected companies, enabling you to be aware of any high profile impacts on their business before you get in touch.



Applying the COVID-19 filter to your newsfeed

If you are already using the default Watchlist Filters (Financials, Hot Topics, Other Topics and Roles) then this new filter should already be included in your newsfeed. If you don't have any filters applied (which would return all news we receive for a company) and/or would like to update your filters to target these articles:

  • Navigate to the watchlist you wish to modify, then select the "Watchlist Filters" dropdown option. Click on the "Edit filters" button.


  • In the pop-up box which appears, either type "COVID-19" into the search box or navigate to Other Topics -> Current Affairs. Click the checkbox next to the COVID-19 filter to add it to your filters. 
    • If you wish to exclude this topic from your newsfeed, instead ensure that this filter is unticked.
    • If you only want to receive news matching this topic, make sure no other filters are selected - you can use the "Clear all Topics" button at the bottom of this box to remove all other topics.



  • Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of this box once you are satisfied with the changes you have made. This will take immediate effect on your watchlist - you may see some articles appear/disappear or be shown in a different order based on their new relevance score when marked against these new filter options.



Viewing COVID-19 news using the Topic Cloud

If you don't want to make any long-term changes to your watchlists, you can temporarily filter your newsfeed to show articles which have matched the COVID-19 topic using the Topic Cloud:

  • When viewing a watchlist or a company newsfeed, click on the "Topic Cloud" dropdown option on the menu. From here, select "Current Affairs" from the list, then "COVID-19".


  • Your newsfeed for this page will now display only articles which have matched this topic until you navigate away from it. This will not impact your news alerts.


Further information on using the Topic Cloud can be found in this article



In addition, we have created a Daily Briefing newsletter available for all Artesian users, featuring news about the impact of the virus on businesses and stories of how some are riding the storm. To opt into this newsletter, contact


Please view our COVID-19 articles in the 'helpful content' section to keep up to date with thought-leadership and product updates regarding the virus. 

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