How can I print the information from the Data page?


When viewing the Data page of a company, you should see a Print button next to the Follow/Following button at the top of the page. This feature will allow you to print the financial and corporate information available for this company (as shown below).



Clicking or tapping on the Print button will allow you to preview the Data page in its printable format, then choose the print settings (the details of which can vary based on your web browser).



Depending on your operating system, you should also have the option in your print preview to Print to PDF, which will allow you to save the information from this page straight into a PDF document. This option should appear under your list of available printers if you are using Windows 10 - if you are instead using an older version of Windows or Apple MacOS, you may need to install a third party application such as Adobe Acrobat or CutePDF to give you this function.


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