Artesian Business Categories


Artesian Business Categories (or ABC's) are a new, intuitive way of identifying businesses using Artesian's Prospector tool.


We often receive customer feedback that Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are a fundamentally flawed system of searching for UK companies.

For customer facing teams who want to get hyper specific when identifying potential target accounts, you need a better way to search and with Company Buzzwords and Artesian Business Categories (ABCs), you can do just that.

 Artesian Business Categories are intended to work as an analogue to the current SIC codes. While these are an industry standard in the UK, the market has changed dramatically since they were last defined in 2007 and many modern industries are poorly defined/represented.

 Artesian Business Categories serve to simplify the process of identifying businesses by their SIC code by creating new categories and synonyms to link to existing SIC codes.

As an example, in the below screenshot the Artesian Business Category "Drink Production" is used as a synonym for the "Manufacture of beverages" SIC code.

Using the word 'Drink' as the basis for the search you can also see results for related industries, "Drink Retail" and "Drink Wholesale". The sub-categories for these categories (visible by ticking the "Show sub-categories" box) align with existing SIC codes.




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For further information on the Artesian Business Categories please read this press release.

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