Company Buzzwords


Company Buzzwords are a new filter option available when searching for companies using Artesian's Prospector tool.


We often receive customer feedback that Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are a fundamentally flawed system of searching for UK companies.

For customer facing teams who want to get hyper specific when identifying potential target accounts, you need a better way to search and with Company Buzzwords and Artesian Business Categories (ABCs), you can do just that.

Company Buzzwords helps you narrow your search by finding companies that use specific words or phrases on their websites (to describe themselves or their industry), such as Internet of Things or Craft Beer

You should be able to see a new "Buzzwords" filter option on the Prospecting page. Within this section you can enter any keywords/phrases which match the businesses you are searching for.

Press the Enter key or click the Add button to the side of the search bar to add the buzzword to your list of filters. You can search for multiple buzzwords simultaneously.




The buzzwords we link to businesses are derived from the website we have on record for them.

Depending on the buzzwords you include in this search your results may be quite broad. For best results, we recommend using Company Buzzwords alongside other filters (Industry, Financial Data, Business Size & Details and/or Credit & Risk).

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For further information on the Company Buzzwords please read this press release.

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