What are Low Relevance Articles?


Within your Artesian watchlists you may see ‘low relevance’ articles – these are articles that the Artesian system has analysed and deemed to be less relevant, as they may not be a primary focus of the article.


Our algorithms weigh up a number of factors to ensure that the news you are seeing in your daily alerts, and at the top of your newsfeed, are likely to be stories that you can act on or provide valuable insight into the company.

Low relevance articles will not appear in your email alerts. Of course, relevancy is subjective, so we would always recommend that you periodically log into Artesian to review the full list of news stories.  The topic filters which you apply to your watchlist can also make a difference to relevance so if you think an article has been rated incorrectly please let us know via the Improve Your Results button as we may be able to make adjustments.



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