I can’t see any meetings in my Artesian Ready calendar


On first use, Artesian Ready will ask you for permission to access the calendar information on your phone.

Within the app, Ready allows you to select which calendar(s) the app can and can’t access. For example, you may wish to see your Business calendar, but not your Personal calendar. Simply go into Ready’s side menu (via the 3-lined button), click “Settings”, and then switch calendars on and off accordingly.

If no calendars are listed on this page, it may be that your business calendar has been synced directly with a separate downloaded mobile app such as Outlook. The support team may be able to help you sync your calendar to the phone so that Ready can provide insight.

Finally, security software installed on your device by your company (such as GOOD technology), may restrict Ready from accessing your calendar, however you should still be able to use the Your Companies functionality within the app.


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