Artesian Score


Your Artesian Score is made up of three key areas – Target, Connect and Share. You need to work on all three to get a score of 100. By using the full Artesian service, you can really make an impact with your customers by showing you have knowledge about their business and the influence that current events are having upon it.



Your target score measures how you target your Customers and Prospects within Artesian. Try using Prospector to identify new prospects and maintain your watchlists to learn the most about your companies. You can even track competitors, regulators and introducers to find additional talking points and drive referrals.

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To make a good connection with a Customer or Prospect you will want to understand their business and how external or internal impetus is currently affecting them – be that nationally or on a more local scale. When you reach out to them you'll want to show that you understand their business in a way that your Competitors don’t. The Connect score therefore measures how you act on your insights and research your companies.

Login to the main Artesian dashboard, via your PC or mobile, to learn more about current events impacting the company, their structure, financials and more.

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Perhaps the easiest of the three, sharing is all about (you guessed it) sharing the insights you find through Artesian with your colleagues, customers or prospects. Artesian allows you to share in a variety of ways including Twitter, LinkedIn and by email. By sharing insights that are relevant to your companies you help establish your presence, and build both trust and credibility. You can also share insights internally to help create and build awareness amongst your colleagues.

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