How do I access Artesian Ready?


Download the app

Click here to download the Ready App. Scroll down the page and enter your mobile number in the field at the bottom.

Alternatively you will find it in either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Within the Play Store or App Store, search for Artesian Ready or Artesian Solutions and you can download it for free.

Set up Ready

  • Open the app and you’ll be taken through a short set-up process. Once you’ve seen the overview, tap the ‘I’m Ready’ Button

  • Sign in using your Artesian username and password
  1. If you’ve forgotten your password, please hit the ‘Forgot password’ link to have it re-set
  2. If you usually access Artesian through Salesforce, use the ‘Login with salesforce’ link below the standard login

  • It is essential that you then connect your work calendar to the app. When prompted hit ‘Next’ and then select the calendar that you wish to view within Artesian Ready.

You now have access to Artesian Ready; the pre-meeting ritual that can make the real difference to your success in those all-important customer meetings.


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