Can I phone companies on my Prospector list?


Once you have completed your Prospector search you can:

  • Save your search – we recommend that you always save your Prospector searches for future reference
  • Request to follow – add the companies to a watchlist
  • Export your data – into Excel. To include phone numbers and if they can be contacted by phone, tick ‘Include people data’ and then click ‘Export’.

Your excel download will contain all the information you need to know who you can call:

  • Column T = ‘Opted In - TPS’ (Telephone Preference Service) tells you if you can call the person for marketing purposes 
  • ‘Y’ means yes, they have opted in to the TPS system so you can NOT call them 
  • ‘N’ means they are not opted in to the service, and therefore you CAN call

  • If you scroll across to column AG and AH, you will see their area code and telephone number

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