What can I do with my exported Prospector lists?


Once you have your exported a Prospector list you may want to adapt the report to further personalise it to you.


Applying filters

To narrow down your results, you can apply filters. Here’s an example:

To remove accounts that are registered with TPS (Telephone Preference Service):

1. Click the Data tab then click on Filter. This will apply a filter to the top row of data.


2. In the ‘Company Telephone Preference Service’ column, select the drop down in the header row and untick the option for TRUE. (The TRUE corresponds to the company being on this registry).

The same logic can also be applied to any column. Common filters are Company Mail Preference Service, Turnover Estimated, Net Worth Estimated and Pre Tax Profited Estimated.


Changing Case

If you want to use the prospector data as a content source (e.g. for mail shots), you may wish to edit the formatting. You can change the case of the text in a cell by using formulas.

Here is how to change the text to Proper Case (the first letter in each word to upper case, with the rest lower case):

1. Insert an empty column next to the column you wish to edit, e.g. Company Name or Town.

2. Enter the formula:
= PROPER(B2) - and hit enter, where "b2" is the cell that contains the Company name or Town.


3. Fill down to the remaining cells.


Similarly, you can change the wording to lower case, using the formula =LOWER(Cell) or to all upper case using the formula =UPPER(Cell). See below for lower case example.


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