How do I add my Artesian Certification to LinkedIn?


Three reasons why you should add your Artesian Certification:

  • It demonstrates to customers that you are a peg above the rest
  • It looks great when looking for new career opportunities
  • It shows that you are trained and qualified in social selling

To gain certification you will need to complete three Artesian modules (all of which can be found in the academy):

  • Get to Know Artesian
  • Get Started with Artesian 
  • Get Advanced with Artesian

Once you have completed the Artesian training modules you will be an Artesian Certified user. You can add this to your LinkedIn profile by following these simple steps:


1. Open your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to 'Add a section to your profile'. Click on the View More drop down:


2. Scroll down to the 'Certifications' section and select Add certifications:


3. You will be asked to enter your certification details (please note that Artesian Certification is valid for one year – after which you are welcome to retake the certification). Complete the form using the following details and then click Save:


You have now added your Artesian Certification to your LinkedIn profile! 



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