Usage Reports



The Usage Reports tab provides a breakdown of how Artesian is being used within your team and at individual’s level of engagement.



Usage Reports and Report Settings

This screen presents a variety of statistics regarding number of users, licence count, total number of followed companies and average companies per user.

Depending on your role you may manage users across multiple teams - to view these teams or to filter down into a specific team, click on the second button next to "Change Report Settings" then select the team you wish to view. By default this will be set to the team you are currently assigned to within Artesian.

You can also modify the date range for this report by selecting the first button. These statistics are based upon the 30 days prior to the chosen date.


User Engagement

In the chart below you can see how many of your team fall into each of the four categories for activity:

For more information on what these categories mean, please follow the links above.

Usage of Artesian can also be broken down by both Activity and Content by clicking on the appropriately named buttons above the usage chart. In Activity, you can view levels of Sharing, article clickthroughs, Researching, and Maintaining actions and the number of Alerts. Activity by Content examines the type of content your team are using, e.g. News, Corporate, People or Prospects.


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