How do I add a company to my watchlists?


You can add new companies to your watchlists individually, or in bulk:

Adding a single company


Having logged on to Artesian you can search on the home page/dashboard for the company you would like to add by typing the name or Companies House number into the search bar at the top.



Then click on the company and tick the watchlist you would like to add it to.


Adding multiple companies


  • Click on the ‘Following’ tab and select which watchlist you would like to add the company to, e.g. Customers, Prospects or Competitors. Select the "Add companies" button.



  • Search for the company by name or company registration number. Searching by company registration number will return an exact match of the company you wish to follow.




  • Type the names or Companies House registration numbers into the box, with each company listed on a separate line.




  • Confirm the company you wish to follow.



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