How do I add a company to my watchlists?


You can add new companies to your watchlists individually, or in bulk:

Adding a single company


Using the search bar at the top of the Artesian window, type in the name (or Companies House registration number, if you know it) of the company you wish to follow.


 Either click on the company in the search results that expand from this search bar, or click the magnifying glass icon to open the full search page. From either page, click the "Follow" button and select which watchlist you wish to add it to from the dropdown menu.




Adding multiple companies


From the Following page (ie the home page), select which watchlist you wish to add companies to, then click the "Add companies" button.



This will open the Add Companies wizard. In Step 1, choose whether you wish to search by name or company registration number. Searching by company registration number will return an exact match of the company you wish to follow.



 Type (or copy and paste) a list of the names or Companies House registration numbers of the companies you wish to follow into the text box. Each company should be listed on a new line.

A watchlist can contain a maximum of 250 companies. Entering a number of companies into the textbox which exceeds the watchlist limit will prevent you from progressing to Step 3.


Once you have entered all of your companies, click "Search" to progress to Step 3.



Step 3 will automatically match any companies to entities within Artesian which are an exact match. Confirm that these matched entities are correct, then click "Next step" to confirm any inexact matches (if applicable).




Step 4 will list the companies which did not have an exact match in the previous step (or were not confirmed) one by one, allowing you to choose which of the results most closely matches your company.




Once you have finished matching your inexact matches, Step 5 will offer a confirmation of the companies which have been added. Head back to your watchlist to see the results!

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