View and Sort Results


Once you are satisfied with the filters applied to your prospecting list, head to Step 2 - 'View and Sort Results' - to inspect the companies which have matched your criteria.




You can sort the results of your Prospector search via the six buttons at the top of the list:

  • Hotness - All News
  • Hotness - Selected News
  • Turnover
  • Profit
  • Employees
  • A to Z



"Hotness" in the context of Prospector indicates which companies have been active in the news recently. This can be used to identify actively trading, interesting or "hot" prospects to follow.

The "Hotness - Selected News" option allows you to view companies which have been in the news recently by specific topics, such as winning awards or acquiring new business. Clicking on the "Hotness - Selected News" button will open up a list of topics for you to choose from - tick those you are interested in, then click the "Apply" button to sort the results of your search based on those topics.




Following Companies 

While viewing your results on Step 2, you can add companies to your watchlists. Click on the "Follow" button next to any companies of interest to you, then choose which watchlist to add the company to. If you are already following a company in your results, they will be shown with a green "Following" button instead, however you can still click here to follow it in another watchlist.

If you're interested in following multiple (or all) of the results from this search, there is a quicker option to do this in Step 3.



When you have finished reviewing the results of your Prospector search, select "Step 3 - Save, Export and Follow" to move on.

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