Company Briefing


The "Company Briefing" tab collates all high level information on a company and can be used to prepare for meetings or calls with colleagues and customers.

Either print a copy or email a copy to your inbox. Share the document with anyone else coming to meeting with you.  Don't forget that you can customise this by adding your own notes.

This Brief includes:

  • Briefing Notes – this section allows you to add your own notes into the document
  • The bookmarks you have saved for the company
  • Director Information
  • Company Overview & Address – including DELPHI score and Companies House SIC codes
  • Financials – an overview of the latest accounts provided
  • Recent and relevant news stories 

 To access the "Company Briefing" section, simply click on the company in question, and then click on the "more" tab which will open a drop-down list of options. Click on the option for "Company Briefing". 



This will then take you to the "Company Briefing" section for your chosen company, where you can then utilise and customise this information for meetings or calls with colleagues and customers. 




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