Company Briefing


The Briefing tab functions as an overview of a company, displaying key financial figures, top news stories and other important information all on one page.


Key Financials

Key information regarding the size and ownership of the business is shown at the top of the page. This includes the year the company was founded, the number of employees, their turnover and net worth, EBITDA, and their Delphi score. To the right, if the company is a subsidiary of another business this will be indicated by a flag detailing the nationality of the parent. Further information regarding their parent company can be found on the Data tab.



Engagement Signals

Engagement Signals are a new feature we have introduced which will highlight recent changes/events regarding a company which may be of interest and/or a reason to get in touch with the business.

By default your Engagement Signals will include the same items highlighted within your existing Data Changes (and as such will be updated on a monthly basis), however this can be customised to include more bespoke events utilising Artesian's rules engine. If you would like to learn more about this, please speak with your Artesian Customer Success Manager.

For more information on these bespoke Engagement Signals, please see this article.

The Engagement Signals section on this page will show the 3 latest signals/data changes we have flagged for the business. More can be viewed by clicking on the Timeline button which will take you to the Data page.




Below this, you can find overview sections for News, Data, Blogs, Tweets and Pinned Stories. To expand on these sections, please see the News, Data, Social and Your Pinned Stories sections at the top of the company page.



Side bar - quick links/information

Along the side bar you can find some additional useful information.

Research Tools contains quick buttons to search for more information on this company from a variety of different social media sites, as well as a direct link to the company's records on Companies House (if the business is a Limited Company).

Please note that aside from Companies House these are not direct links to the company's social media pages, they are only search functions. Twitter handles for a business can be found in the Social tab but we do not presently hold records for other social media platforms.



The User Notes section allows you to add some notes to the company for personal reference. This note will only appear for you and will not be visible to any colleagues following the same business.



On that subject, the Other Followers section will indicate whether others within your organisation are following the company. Click on More Details to see further regarding these other followers, including when they followed the business.



Finally, Recent Influence will show your total Influence score for articles about this company you have shared through Artesian in the past 60 days. For more information about Influence, please see this article.


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