Customise the Email Alert Content


You can customise whether or not you receive email alerts for each of you Watchlists, how many articles you receive per company and the topics covered.


  • Log in to Artesian and select the Watchlist you wish to customise and then select the ‘Settings’ Tab.
  • Click on ‘Change Watchlist and Alert Settings’




  • If you would like to turn email alerts for this Watchlist off, untick the ‘Send alerts for this Watchlist box’, if you would like to turn them on then make sure this box is ticked
  • If you have turned them on you then need to choose how many articles you would like to see for each company in your alert
  • Save the changes you have made



  • You can then edit the topics you want to see in your alerts by clicking on ‘Edit Topic Filters’
  • Choose the topics that are most relevant to you
  • Save the changes you have made



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