What are Consuming Users?


Consuming users have set up watchlists, are following companies and gathering valuable insights through the daily Artesian email alert. 

They are not currently interacting with the Artesian platform. 

It is important to remember that a key Social behaviour is talking to our connections by ‘phone and F2F meetings so these social opportunities to share should be added to any Artesian activity! 

For these users, the following could be considered: 

-          Are they aware of the full nature of the Artesian service?

  • The service undergoes continual evolution so perhaps some formal or refresher training may be needed
  • To discuss these requirements, please contact your designated Customer Support Manager or contact us here 

-          Do they need some assistance with how to interact with the service?

  • Remind them of the Weekly Webinars
  • Discuss the ways to interact with the service
    • Use the Take Action button within the email alert to take immediate action on any piece of insight
    • Click through to the full article to gain further context and identify the social signals
    • Login to the full service, using ‘Login to Artesian’ or by clicking on any of the company names
  • Direct them to the ‘Get to Know your email alerts’ tutorial 

-          Would they like some advice from colleagues on internal ways of working and best practices?

  • Direct them to the champions from the Interacting/Engaging user communities

 For further information, support and to discuss any training requirements, please contact your designated Customer Success Manager or contact us here.

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