Compare Sectors


The Compare Sectors tab provides you with a visual understanding of how different market sectors are performing by Output and number of Employees compared to other sectors.

  • From the Compare Sectors Tab select the filters you would like from the Sector and Region sections. You can choose to view all sectors and all regions. Any filters applied will be shown on the right hand side of the page
  • View all of the graphs and charts by either output or employees, switch between the two by selecting either of the options at the top of the graphs column
  • Launch into Prospector with the Region and Sector filters you have been reviewing
  • Get an understanding of the UK Overview and analysis on the left
  • Review Markets Help for any definitions and calculations


  • If you require more clarity on any of the information displayed hover your mouse over the desired section/element




View the addtional sections for charts based on the region and sector you have selected:

  • Growth by Quarters
  • Growth by Region
  • Growth by Sector
  • Breakdown by Region
  • Breakdown by Sector
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