Exporting Company Data from Prospector


In Step 3 of your Prospector search, you can save your search criteria for future use, export it into Microsoft Excel or add the results to your watchlist in bulk.



Save your search

Saving your search allows you to quickly reapply these filters at a later date. This can be useful when searching for more specific criteria (such as companies in a certain postcode, or matching certain Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes) on a regular basis, where new companies that fall into these criteria in the future may be of interest to you.

Export your data

Exporting the results of your Prospector search into Excel allows you to further manipulate and filter the data. The company export contains the full range of the company and financial data available to us, including information that cannot be filtered on such as contact details or their presence on the Telephone Preference Service.

Select 'Include People Data' if you would like the details of the people registered as directors of these companies at Companies House included in the list.

Request to Follow

You can follow the results of your search in bulk by selecting an amount and a Watchlist to add the Companies to. You can also choose to create a new Watchlist if you'd like one specifically for the results of your search.



This method only allows you to follow the top 250 results of your Prospector search. If you'd like to follow more than this, your best option would be to export the list into Excel, then copy the Registration Number or Company Name columns (column A or B respectively) into the "Add Companies" tool while viewing a watchlist.

Please see this article for more information on following companies in bulk using this method.

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