Artesian Surveillance Panel in the Account View


The Artesian Panel on your Account is where your Artesian information is stored.

Key features of the panel include:

  • Viewing the news about your account
  • Taking action with the news
  • Filtering the news based on the topics you are interested in
  • Launch the full Artesian site by selecting 'Watchlists'


The News Tab contains all news articles for your Account.

Perform actions with an article by clicking on the share icon.

  • Article Title - Is a hyperlink to take you to the source and read the full article.
  • CRM - Create a Lead, Task or Opportunity within Salesforce.
  • Copy Link - Allows to to copy a link to the article which is fully tracked.
  • Share - Post the article on LinkedIn, Twitter or Chatter.
  • Email - Use an email template to forward the article to your contact or a colleague.
  • Bookmark - Saves the article until you want to delete it.
  • Calendar - Save a copy of the article into your calendar to follow up later or schedule a meeting with a colleague or your manager.
  • Why This? - If you aren't sure why this article has been added, check here to see the topics and if any other companies were also mentioned in the article.

A topic cloud instantly identifies key trends for your Account. The larger the text size, the more times that topic is mentioned in the articles. Click on any of the text to filter just by that topic.


Launch in to the Artesian Full site

Artesian in Salesforce only shows you a fraction of what Artesian can do.  By clicking on any of the icons on the left of the companies news you will launch into different parts of the full site.

Click here for more information on what else you can see in the full site.


Filtering News by Topics

You can filter the types of news you recive by selcting topics that you are interesting in by cliking on the Topic button as seen below.


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