Adding a profile picture


Adding a profile picture to your account lets your colleagues identify you visually and gives your account that extra bit of customisation.

When adding a profile picture, make sure that you have the image you want saved on your computer and that you can easily locate it.



  • While logged in to Artesian, click on your name in the top menu, then go to Your Profile.



  • From your Profile page, click on the image next to your name (by default a grey silhouette).



  • You'll be taken to a new page with a larger version of your current profile image. Click on the "Upload a photo" button, then navigate to where your desired profile image is saved. When you have selected your image, click "Open".


  • You will then be given the opportunity to crop your chosen image. Once you're happy with the results, click the "Crop and save" button to save the image as your profile picture.



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